Wire Retention System

Poseidon Wire Retention System

Poseidon Wire Retention System

All our yacht blinds come with a stainless steel wire retention system that prevents blinds and shades from swaying as the vessel moves. The wire itself is coated in a Teflon clear coat that protects both the cable and blind/shade from being damaged over time.

There are two methods for securing the stainless steel wire. The first method is the deck mount. It is primarily used for inside mount window frame installations. The second method is standoffs. It is used mainly for an outside mount or out of the ordinary applications. Standoffs can be manufactured from stainless steel, teak, wood dowels, or plastic. Other specialty materials are also available if requested.

All wood and aluminum yacht blinds have the stainless steel wire retention system running through the routing holes and are fastened to a standoff. They are mounted directly to the frame to avoid punching extra holes for the wires. On other types of blinds, the wire might have to be placed in a different location.

The application of the wire retention system can be used in the following products: