Research and Development

In the marine industry it’s common that new production models come out every year. These new models can sometimes come with drastic changes to a boat or yacht’s shape and windows.  That is why it’s paramount that Poseidon has a strong R&D team to conform our products to these constant changes. Whether you are a private owner or an OEM, you can be assured that we will develop and test all our products so that you will have the very best blinds and shades possible on whichever vessel or model year.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

For OEM’s in particular, our designers and engineers work hand-in-hand with your build teams to help make smooth transitions to new model years. We not only have the ability to use computer-aided design(CAD), but also have technicians that can problem solve on-site whenever needed during the pre-production process. Our on-site training on how to install our products is another one of the many advantages Poseidon’s R&D team has. A marine vessel should not be built around window treatments, so our staff is committed to making every one of our products function properly without having to redesign a potential new model.

We understand the prototype process can be a challenge if communication is weak. That is why all our technicians and engineers are easily accessible and never turn away from a challenging project. Our prototype designs also come at no extra charge, which gives us the flexibility to continue to improve future versions until perfection is achieved.

Saving time and money for OEM production and sales is the main goal for our creative R&D team. From design and installation, to making the final sale, we work hard to make your vessels look great.

Private Owners

For private yacht and boat owners our R&D team can retrofit most of our products. No matter if your vessel is old or new you can have the look you want at a reasonable cost and time frame. Our designers have the ability to make custom blinds that not only function properly, but look great too. Where other blind and shade manufacturers might not take on a project due to its difficulty, our engineers look forward to such design challenges and are always looking for ways to improve our product lines. If you have a particular idea in mind, please let us know. Our sales team knows the engineering boundaries of each product, and if it hasn’t ever been done before we are willing to try.


If you are an OEM or Private Owner contact us today to see what Poseidon Window Treatments can do for you. We are a phone call or email away from designing the perfect blinds or shades for your boat or yacht.