Regatta Roller Shades

R Series Roller Shade from Rollease in WhitePoseidon’s Regatta Roller Shades are the modern equivalence to what you will find in your home or office. However, Poseidon manufactures this product with marine grade quality components perfect for boats and yachts. They come in a variety of colors and opacities, and if needed can be manufactured with a wire retention system or magnet hold downs.

Here are the operating systems available for the Regatta Roller Shade Collection:

  • Pull-chain on  clutch
  • Cordless System (Spring Loaded)
  • Motorized System
  • Top/Down

Product Highlights:

  • Great Pricing
  • Many fabrics to choose from
  • Variety of operating systems
  • Variety of hold-downs and standoffs to choose from
  • Available in a wide range of opacities including Light Filtered and Blackout
  • Modern Aesthetics

Regatta Roller Shade

Please click on the links below to view our Nautilus Pleated Shade fabric color swatches: