Nautilus Pleated Shades

Nautilus Pleated ShadePoseidon’s Nautilus Pleated Collection is the less expensive alternative to the Coral Honeycomb collection. Although similar in style, its fabric has a non-cellular design.

Our Nautilus Pleated Shades are a very flexible product and great for all windows, doors, windshields, and hatches. They come in a variety of operating systems including:

  • Tension System
  • Pull-cord System
  • Continuous Cord Loop System
  • Cordless System
  • Motorized System
  • Top/Down – Bottom/Up System

We can also manufacture this product with Specialty Shapes and Angled Cuts for custom jobs.

Product Highlights:

  • Great Pricing, and even less expensive than our Coral Honeycomb collection
  • Many fabrics to choose from
  • Variety of operating systems
  • Great for windshields
  • Can be manufactured to fit any shape or window angle

 Please click on the links below to view our Nautilus Pleated Shade fabric color swatches:

Nautilus Pleated Color Swatches